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  • 2011, a new trend of home building materials, glass products increasingly popular
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       Often concerned about the home market for the public, they will find in the glass in the home decoration and more important role. The reason is that the glass no matter the color, shape are diverse, not only for decoration, but also cleverly arranged at home to play a variety of functions. Art glass charm, has it become an indispensable element of the decoration fashion.
        On the widely popular today than glass furniture, traditional furniture, the more bold and avant-garde style, functionality tends to be more practical, can be said to have unlimited bright future. Compared to wood furniture, glass furniture is not affected by the impact of indoor air, humidity should not and will not be deformed; compared to fabric and leather furniture, glass furniture, clean up more easily, taking up little space; compared to plastic even more safety and environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation ... ... the simple form on the glass furniture, fashion is an advantage compared to other products. And glass furniture to adapt very strong, do not find fault with the home environment, regardless of your living room is the European style, or modern minimalist style, or Southeast Asian style, etc., glass furniture with a hundred wild. In the interior design scheme, the furniture of other materials it is also easy to form a good combination with the results. Popular today with a special treated glass walls and shower room is decorated, both because of its isolation but also transparent to the unique characteristics of popular.

        More and more glass furniture

        In today's highly developed technology and design today, the use of emerging new materials, at which point the glass as a kind of synthetic building materials, through the development of high-tech process to constantly update, combined with the use of a combination of new building materials, home decoration and living in to occupy an increasingly important role, is home material life and spiritual life to enjoy a new, contemporary interior is undoubtedly also a new trend in home development. Decorative plate glass, glass furniture, glass ornaments, glass utensils and even so, the glass is being widely used in various fields, and even some places never before imagined. And those where they stand in the world surrounded by all-glass skyscrapers, but also seem to be incredibly influential people pushing the idea for the interior design update.

        Now available in the market, glass furniture, more and more common are tables, lamps, telephone cabinets, wine, etc., and bookcases, stereo cabinets, dresser, etc., most of them half of the material is glass, such as special striking glass TV stand, dish racks, bar counters and other furniture, glass furniture is not only rare, and in addition to support for the steel, but all the material for the glass material, is no longer a heavy wood or leather.

        Glass, the most variable element of home decoration

        Glass, is the most common material, however, it has a "fragile" soul, "fragile" people of fear, but it can change both the light and shadow, through the designers carefully crafted, each piece of glass furniture, glass ornaments have become addictive, to release a firm transparent beauty. In the home decoration, reasonable purchase and arrangement of glass furniture, glass can become the most volatile elements.

        Because, if your room is not big enough, you can use the glass to expand horizons, greatly improve the bedroom area from the senses. At the same time, the appropriate selection of glass furniture, to create a Bingying texture, make you refreshing, icy extreme.

        For example, in the interior, because of functional needs, and sometimes to increase the design of insulation or insulation, and the glass then you can play a role. Furniture, light irradiation may be at higher surface temperature, indirect losses arising on the furniture. Meanwhile, the indoor lighting direct prone to glare, giving the eye discomfort. The light hidden in the glass, use glass smooth surface on the lights, the function of the glass reduces the heat lamp according to the influence of temperature on the furniture, reflection can also soften the effect of indoor lighting, soft lighting makes home seem more warm. Space in the arrangement is quite particular about, if we use the glass transparency, refraction properties, into the sunlight and indoor light, or a combination of artificial light, it must be able to create a dream like magic elegant space, the most subtly It will enable the most original plain transparent color, in an instant turn into red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple variety of natural colors, so that the room always filled with light colors.

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